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Theatrical Feature Films

In Development/Pre-Production

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Theatrical Feature Films                                        In Development/Pre-Production


DEATHBLOW - (ZUMWALT) is a contemporary action-adventure thriller when terrorists take over high-end US Navy Zumwalt destroyer stationed at a private island in Greece, demanding a large ransom from the UN threatening to attack. 


The action escalates to large-scale ground-to-air and air-to-air conflict involving  special forces of many countries including world-wide intelligence in the effort to stop the crisis.

Based on historical facts the overthrow of the Romanoff Dynasty took place with the participation of international intelligence agencies trying to prevent it in the international political arena involving United States, Great Britain, Germany, France and Russia leading to the most magnificent coup in history now being resolved in highly-charged, political plot to end the communist regime in following the fall of Berlin Wall.

 The plot takes us to highly-charged twenty-first century environment with the terrorists demanding payback from Western world  for the demise of the Russian Empire that ruled Russia for centuries. This film is a mega action-adventure epic promising entertainment on the highest level, packed with Hollywood's stars and the best action sequences ever.

Introducing: GOLDEN VOYAGE Sci-Fi

After "2001: Space Odyssey" , "Star Wars", "2045: Golden Voyage - A Space Odyssey" .


In development by John Mark since 2012 this ultimate Man vs. Machine space fantasy  with humanity fighting for survival in space will feature some of the most spectacular acting and visual effects ever done in cinema.


AFTER THE RAINFALL is a drama about a married man who falls with love with his co-worker and who after seducing her abandons his family to pursue their relationship. The ex-wife's brother who is a cop swears to end their romantic idyll.   

Soon after, as they get on a cross-country, romantic escapade the heroine gets in trouble where she is assaulted and raped, and the action turns into cat-and-mouse chase with subsequent pursuit by FBI and other law enforcement agencies leading to heroine's capture who faces first-degree charges despite her self-defense claim in killing her attacker.​  Promising plenty of excitement the plot takes us to exotic locations from New York City to Oregon and gives audiences adrenaline-filled climax  from which seems no escape.

Introducing: 2045: GOLDEN VOYAGE -


This major Sci-Fi super-epic promises interplanetary excitement beyond "Star Wars" and "Avatar" with our world is abound with technology is trying to survive AI where technology is everywhere present but nowhere apparent and where danger looms everywhere.


At the height and self-replicating machines controlled and billions of intelligent gadgets controlling our daily lives better than humans mankind ventures to space to seek escape only to find out that there's no escape, as hero Allen Rhines  sets to explore a series of exo-planets facing a super intelligent AI system serviced by Age of Enlightenment board of governors who control the planets from Earth. 

"2045: GOLDEN VOYAGE - A SPACE ODYSSEY"  has three parts  with successive sequels entitled: "2045: GV Homogenous" and "2045: GV Humanitas" features system specialist Allen Rhines and NASA scientist who fight AI for survival, and in trying to reach an agreement with the governors when technology gets out of control.


​A struggle for control ensues between the super intelligent system vs. the board of governors fighting for survival of the planet and mankind's right to colonize space.


The film has three parts featuring NASA scientist Marjorie Yerkes, and system specialist Allen Rhines who fight for survival of humanity in trying to reach an agreement with the governors when technology gets out of control.



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