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In Development  - Early Pre-Production


Dante's famous classic is also being adapted by John Mark as a modern tale of redemption connecting Dante's timeless metaphor with quantum physics and spectacular visual effects. The fim will be produced in 3D and in alternate reality presenting a stunning dramatic epic about mankind's journey through the Universe.

In Dante's journey through Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradiso the hero reconstructed in virtual reality into modern day hero taking audiences through multiple modes of realities on divine self-discovery into the multiverse. 

As Dante enters  supernatural world of wonder, magic and enchantment he is intercepted by the the past, present and  future connecting him with multiple dimensions of reality he has never experienced and is not able to comprehend.


When Dante makes his way out of Inferno, learns his ways in Purgatorio and enters the multiverse of Paradiso, behind which lies the twelve dimensional world he learns the biggest mystery of the Universe. 


Combined with cross-references to  classical world of original Dante's classic  masterpiece and stunning  visual effects the film promises to provide high-end entertainment and cutting-edge insight into the world's greatest literature.



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