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© 2020 John Mark Film & Entertainment

John Mark Film & Entertainment is a development company dedicated to family oriented filmed entertainment. Currently it has five (5) mainstream feature film projects ready for production:  "Liszt & Chopin In Paris", "2045: Golden Voyage - A Space Odyssey", "After The Rainfall" "Zumwelt - Deathblow", "The Divine Comedy". In development are also TV serials based on the above motion pictures.


Written and developed by John Mark, filmmaker, producer and director based in Los Angeles since 1976 all aforementioned film projects are production ready.

 "Liszt & Chopin In Paris" is historic epic taking place in 19th century France during the Romantic Age featuring two greatest piano virtuosos - Frédéric Chopin and Franz Liszt as central characters and featuring some of the greatest piano and orchestral music ever performed and recorded for cinema.


Following on two highly successful films in this genre: "Song To Remember" circa 1945 directed by Charles Vidor starring Merle Oberon and Cornel Wilde about Chopin, and "Song Without End" circa 1965 directed by George Cukor starring Dirk Bogarde and Capucine about Liszt, and in tradition of "The Sound of Music" starring Julie Andrews. "Liszt & Chopin In Paris"  is cutting-edge, filmed entertainment on the highest level.


Other projects in science-fiction genre and drama are "2045:Golden Voyage - A Space Odyssey" a sequel to Stanley Kubrick's "2001: Space Odyssey" timeless classic and ultimate AI action-adventure beyond "Star Wars" and "Avatar", as well as"After The Rainfall" a highly charged drama about New York couple on the run from the law,  and "The Divine Comedy"  - a virtual reality adaptation of Dante Aligheri's literary classic.

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